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Big Data was Just the First Step

Big data was just the first step, large amounts of data are only useful if tools exists that can analyse these data in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Over the last few years artificial intelligence has evolved to a point where it can be used for data analysis on the shop floor throughout the plant. What used to be expensive tools that required trained engineers for development, set-up and maintenance can now be readily deployed in plants of any size and at scale and can be managed by staff members.

We have come to a stage where self-learning is a reality, where algorithms get smarter over time and learn from being exposed to more information. AI algorithms can even be applied to old machinery as long as the equipment is retrofitted with the appropriate sensors.

AccellaAI - we make smart manufacturing a realitiy

At Accella.AI we have developed the AI Bot, a solution that allows you to leap-frog from traditional to AI-enabled manufacturing quickly and economically.

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AccellaAI - we make smart manufacturing a realitiy