About Us

We Make Smart Manufacturing a Reality

Our Team

We are a team of IT experts with a combined 20 years of experience in AI. Our mission is to help our customers update their quality control, predictive maintenance and equipment lifecycle management with our deployment-ready AI solution. Learn more about us.

Uli Palli

CEO and Chief Data Scientist

AI enthusiast with 25 years of experience helping manufacturing teams increase efficiency by implementing innovative technologies. For the last 5 years, Uli has focused on designing and implementing AI solutions for visual quality control and predictive maintenance.

Why AI?
I love solving real-world problems with technology. Nothing is more real than manufacturing or more cutting-edge than AI – so the combination is a great fit for me, especially given my many years of working with manufacturing teams. The shop floor is where I feel right at home and engineers are my kind of people. I enjoy my work immensely and am having fun doing it  – and I think it shows.

What did I do before Accella?
Before I got involved with AI, I managed large ERP and CRM systems implementations for companies like 3Com, Agilent, Cisco, Levi Strauss, Siemens, and several Silicon Valley high-tech startups.

On a personal note
As a native of Austria, I love the mountains, hiking, climbing and skiing. Travel is also high on my list of favorite activities.

Axel Fano

AI & SAP Principal Business Architect

Innovator with 30 years of experience building IT solutions that simplify operations for the business user in manufacturing, utilities, high tech and finance.

Why AI?
I believe that AI is a game changer for Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing because of its ability to drive automation.

What did I do before Accella?
I worked in SAP consulting, building bolt-on solutions for lead-to-cash and demand-to-pay processes.

On a personal note
When I am not programming all day and night, I like to run and practice Aikido. I also have a sweet tooth with a preference for the desserts of my native Vienna.

AccellaAI - we make smart manufacturing a realitiy

Stephan Christöfl

Quality Expert and Hardware Designer

Quality guru with more than 20 years of experience in the automotive and aerospace industries with focus on process analysis and redesign as well as integration of state-of-the-art software tools to enhance operator efficiency.

Why AI?
I enjoy working on the cutting-edge of new technology. AI allows me to push product quality and process reliability even further.

What did I do before Accella?
I worked in electronics, industrial image processing, and data acquisition for manufacturing processes.

On a personal note
I own a small farm where I raise chickens, sheep and cows. My high-tech lab might be the best equipped one in all of rural Europe.

AccellaAI - we make smart manufacturing a realitiy

Tina Baumgartner

VP of Business Development and Marketing

Experienced business professional with 20+ years of experience in various business roles in start-ups and small companies.

Why AI?
AI is driving the next big wave of innovation in all sectors. The time to engage is now and I love the challenges of helping bring a whole different way of doing things better, faster and more economically to manufacturing.

What did I do before Accella?
I worked in different business roles in companies in the healthcare and life science space.

On a personal note
I am actively engaged in educating and advocating for carbon dioxide removal as well as a creative reuse not-for-profit in Silicon Valley. 

Working with Us

We work with manufacturers from a variety of industries. While the products can be very different, the challenges are often similar and based on our experience we can get started quickly. The typical steps are:

  • We identify one or more processes that would benefit from implementing AI in close collaboration with management and subject matter experts.
  • We plan a proof-of-concept study
  • We work with you to retrieve and clean existing data or to start collecting them (e.g., installing a camera or other sensors, data storage and transfer, and recommending AI-ready hardware solutions)
  • We train the algorithm on the Accella AI Bot and deploy it to your facility
  • We work closely with your personnel to teach them how to deploy, train and retrain AI models on the AI Bot
  • We support the deployment of the solution to additional lines and/or facilities
  • In parallel, we often start working on additional projects with more and more of the work being done by internal resources as they get more familiar and comfortable with AI implementations.

We decrease costs by:

Reducing Downtime – Reducing Scrap – Improving Quality of Products Delivered to the Customers – Improving Equipment Health.

Our Partners

Fremont Solutions Group is a performance improvement company focused on helping our clients realize impactful business outcomes.

Demand Chain AI provides solutions and services to deliver sustainable results for their clients.

CyberLago Digital Competence Network is a network of digital experts in the international Lake Constance region.