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Accella Analytics Tool Box ™

The Accella Analytics Tool Box is a customizable AI platform for all predictive analysis applications. Use it to predict the characteristics of your products based on the input factors. Predictive analytics applications are the first crucial step to building a digital twin for your plant.

Accella Analytics Tool Box ™

Predict the characteristics of your products based on input factors.


Key Features

  • Applied to predict relevant factors such as product characteristics or energy usage based on input factors such as material or process data
  • Capable of incorporating a large number of factors to finetune predictions
  • Data agnostic – able to ingest a very broad range of different data formats from different sources
  • Explainable AI e.g., in the form of SHAP analyses, highlight which of the input factors are significantly driving the output


  • Predicting product parameters based on 70+ input factors
  • Managing equipment operation based on input factors e.g., equipment starts only, if parameters are within a define range, else operators need to intervene

Accella Analytics Tool Box – Predict, Manage, Optimize