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Accella HMI Simplification Tool Box™

The Accella HMI Simplification Tool Box is a customizable AI platform that allows users to simplify complex user interfaces with the help of AI.

Accella HMI Simplification Box ™

HMI simplification turns predictive analytics on its head. Instead of feeding the algorithm huge amounts of data so it can select the most relevant information, for HMI simplification the desired product parameters are known (e.g., the viscosity of a liquid) and AI is used to calculate how to set-up the equipment so the desired product parameters can be achieved given a set of constraints (e.g., ambient temperature and/or the characteristics of the specific raw material batch).


Key Features

  • Calculates required equipment settings based on product characteristics or other external factors
  • Reduces need for highly trained operators, makes training new employees faster and easier
  • Reduces start-up time of complex machinery


  • We developed an HMI Simplification tool that calculates machine settings based on input factors like desired wall strength and size of the final product. Using AI, the start-up time of the equipment could be reduced by up to 80%.

Accella HMI Simplification Tool Box – Simplify, Accelerate, Optimize