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Accella Quality Box ™

The Accella Quality Box is a customizable AI platform for quality control. It can be used for a broad variety of QC applications, such as defect detection and classification, or incoming and outgoing inspection.

Accella Quality Box ™

Perform quality control 24/7 with very high accuracy and speed, classify defects and reduce your cost of quality and cost of labor.


Key Features

  • Application agnostic – from batteries to pavers, from car doors to wine bottles, the Accella Quality Box can be used for all quality control applications
  • High-speed capabilities down to a 40 millisecond cycle time
  • Data agnostic – able to ingest a very broad range of different data formats from different sensor sources
  • Customizable size – select the capabilities and hardware as needed
  • Complete lifecycle management included
  • Easily retrainable if product configurations change
  • Anonymization capabilities available to mask out human faces and body parts in compliance with privacy laws
  • Fully integrated with the common PLCs
  • Fully integrated with SAP

What Our Customers Say

“It has been great working with the Accella AI team. Their AI-based quality inspection solution helped us achieve superior defect calling and categorization and enables faster QC of 100% of our products all while reducing the cost by 80%. Not only are we going to roll out this solution worldwide, we are also planning on adding more AI-powered quality check points and predictive maintenance applications.”
Director of Engineering
Leading CPG Manufacturer

Accella Quality Box – Better, Cheaper, Faster Quality Control