We Make Smart Manufacturing a Reality

Purpose-built for manufacturing: the Accella AI Bot™ enables the easy, fast and economical implementation of AI-based solutions for predictive maintenance, quality control and the simplification of human-machine interfaces.

Improve Manufacturing Efficiency and Reduce Cost with AI

Lower the price of quality with better, faster and cheaper inspection along the entire production line.
Determine the remaining useful life of critical assets and optimize maintenance schedule to lower the cost of personnel.
Reduce the complexity of machine set-up to reduce start-up time for production and reduce training requirements.

What our customers say

“It has been great working with the Accella AI team. Their AI-based quality inspection solution helped us achieve superior defect calling and categorization and enables faster QC of 100% of our products all while reducing the cost by 80%. Not only are we going to roll out this solution worldwide, we are also planning on adding more AI-powered quality check points and predictive maintenance applications.”
Director of Engineering
Leading CPG Manufacturer
“The AI Bot is a welcome break from working in Jupyter notebooks because it makes it so much easier to train and deploy models in a low-code fashion.”
Reliability Engineer
Major CPG Manufacturer

Improve Quality

Optimally leverage your personnel – and reduce cost with Accella AI solutions custom-built for manufacturing.

Manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to achieve more – better quality, faster production – with less (money, people, time). Traditional approaches to incremental improvement and lean manufacturing do not achieve the needed improvements anymore. New solutions based on AI promise to deliver against the challenging triple goal of better, faster, cheaper. At Accella AI we develop solutions that help manufacturers of all sizes make smart manufacturing a reality.

One platform for all AI on the shopfloor

The Accella AI Bot platform allows manufacturers to develop, deploy and coordinate AI models for applications in manufacturing such as quality control, predictive maintenance and predictive analytics and HMI simplification. It also orchestrates data collected from all devices and sensors, e.g. cameras, thermometers, vibration, and analyze them.

The Accella AI Bot platform is designed for:

  • Ease of use with a GUI designed for engineers and technicians on the shopfloor
  • Fast global deployment with automated hardware set-up and roll-out
  • Intuitive lifecycle management of AI models incl. deployment, retraining and decommission
  • Fast, cheap, reliable and low-risk implementation within weeks
  • Coordination of 100 or even 1,000s of models and devices so they work together without performance issues
Bot capabailities

Solutions for Manufacturing

We focus exclusively on AI solutions for manufacturing.
Use AI to inspect your products at any stage during manufacturing. Detect and classify defects with great accuracy.
Train the algorithm with sensor data from the line, maintenance logs, error messages and environmental data to establish reliable estimates of the remaining useful life of critical equipment.
Use AI to model factors like raw material characteristics and environmental factors that impact product quality and equipment performance, then apply AI to make adjustments as necessary so all parameters remain within specifications.
Train AI models to automatically adjust complicated user interfaces that require highly trained personnel.

How to work with us

We work with our customers to help them achieve crucial goals such as:

  • Reducing equipment downtime.
  • Reducing scrap.
    Improving quality of products.
  • Improving equipment health.
  • Optimizing maintenance strategy.

We work collaboratively with our customers. Our goal is to ease organizations into using AI in their manufacturing operations and empower them to develop the in-house capabilities to implement additional solutions with existing resources.

Are you ready to take the first step on your path to implementing AI in your manufacturing plants?